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Monday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday Closed
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Main Rd
Bldg 3321
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+1 (973)724-4484

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Special Order Sale Program

Looking to purchase new outdoor recreation gear? Picatinny Outdoor Recreation offers a great resale program for super discounts and deals on the best equipment from the best brands!

How the Specail Order Sale Program works...

Customer can research companies and items that they are interested in purchasing. Contact ODR with your purchase request and provide some information about the product and specifications. Our staff will work with you to make the right selection and walk you through the purchase process.


Please note that some retailers require a minimum purchase of $200 to $500, and not all items may be in stock. Bicycle and ski companies require a mechanic to assemble bikes and skis and are marked with an asterisk.  Customers are responsible for paying shipping fees and our MWR processing fee. Most items ship in 3-10 business days and will be picked up at Outdoor Recreation Building 3321. Outdoor Recreation accepts personal checks, Master Card, Discover and Visa. Orders will not be placed without payment. Purchased items cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded, so please be confident in your purchase before you buy. Happy shopping! 

Listing of all participating retailers: Click Here


Equipment Rentals

Please contact ODR with all rental requests or questions.

Item  Daily  Weekly  Seasonal
 Air Mattress  $5  $10  N/A
 Anchor  $2  $4  N/A
 Backpack  $12  $24  N/A
 Bean Bag Game  $10  $20  N/A
 Badminton Set  $10  $20  N/A
 Bicycle (Mnt. & Rd)  $45  $90  N/A
 Bocce Set  $4  $8  N/A
 Bounce House Small  $90  $180  N/A
 Bounce House Medium   $110  $220  N/A
 Bounce House Large  $125  $250  N/A
 Bounce House XL "Wacky"  $145  $290  N/A
 Bounce House XL "Wacky Castle"  $145  $290  N/A
 Canoe/Paddle/PFD ($5/hr)  $17  $34   N/A
 Canoe (Flat H2O Inflatable)   $35  $70  N/A
 Canopy (15x15)  $70  $140  N/A
 Canopy (20x20)  $80  $160  N/A
 Canopy (20x30)  $100  $200  N/A
 Canopy (20x40)  $150   $300   N/A
 Chairs (Plastic)  $2    $4   N/A
 Climbing Helmet  $3  $6  N/A
 Climbing Shoes  $5  $10  N/A
 Croquette  $6  $12  N/A
 Dunk Tank (Portable - 1 7/8" ball)  $150  $300  N/A
 Frisbee  $2  $4  N/A
 GPS (Garmin Rhino)  $15  $30  N/A
 Grill (Portable - 1 7/8" ball)  $60  $120  N/A
 Horse Shoe Set  $6  $12  N/A
 Ice Chest (60 quarts)  $4  $8  N/A
 Ice Chest (80 quarts)  $5  $10  N/A
 Ice Chest (128 quarts)  $6   $12  N/A
 Kayak/PFD, Flat H2O, Dbl/Single  $35  $70  N/A
 Kayak/PFD. White H2O)  $25  $50  N/A
 Lantern (Propane - no fuel incl.)  $7  $14  N/A
 Lantern (Electric)  $9  $18  N/A
 Life Jacket (PFD)  $4  $8  N/A
 Log Splitter (1 7/8" ball) (PR&GA)  $25  $50  N/A
 Log Splitter (1 7/8" ball)  $75  $150  N/A
 Rotisserie Grill, (1 7/8" ball)  $55  $110  N/A
 Rowboat/PFD/Oars  $11  $22  N/A
 SCUBA Package - Aqualung  $70  $140  N/A
 SCUBA BC - Aqualung  $15  $30  N/A
 SCUBA Tank  $15  $30  N/A
 SCUBA Weight Belt (w/weights)  $10  $20  N/A
 SCUBA Mask/Snorkel/Fins  $15  $30  N/A
 SCUBA Regulator  $15  $30  N/A
 SCUBA Shorty/Farmer John/Hood  $15  $30  N/A
 SCUBA Bag (w/wheels)  $10  $20  N/A
 Sailboard/Windsurfer  $32  $64  N/A
 Ski Package (Downhill) Adult  $30  $60  $130
 Ski Package (Kids)  $20  $40  $100
 Skis (Downhill) Adult  $15  $30  $65
 Ski Boots (Downhill)  $15  $30  $65
 Ski Poles (Downhill)  $5  $10  $25
 Ski Package (XC) ($10/hr)  $15  $30  $65
 Skis (XC) (Waxless)  $10  $20  $45
 Ski Boots (XC) (NNN)  $10  $20  $45
 Ski Poles (XC)  $5  $10  $15
 Sleeping Bag (-20, 0, 20*F)  $10  $20  N/A
 Snowboard Package Adult  $30  $60  $130
 Snowboard Package Kids  $20  $40  $100
 Snowboard Boots Adult  $15  $30  $65
 Snowshoes w/poles, Adult  $11  $22  $55
 Snowshoes w/poles, Kids  $9  $18  $45
 Stove, (Propane 2 burner)  $7  $14  N/A
 Standup Paddle Board/PFD (SUP)  $35  $70  N/A
 Tables 3'x6' (In/outdoors - plastic)  $5  $10  N/A
 Tables 3x8' (In/outdoor - aluminum)  $6  $12  N/A
 Tent (2-person)  $11  $22  N/A
 Tent (4-person)  $13  $26  N/A
 Tent (6-person)  $15  $30  N/A
Tent (8-person - 2-room)  $20  $40  N/A
Trailer, Enclosed (8', 2" ball)  $60  $120  N/A
Trailer, Enclosed (10', 2" ball)  $70  $140  N/A
Trailer, Enclosed (14', 2" ball)  $80  $160  N/A
Tug-O-War Rope  $5  $10  N/A
Volleyball Sets  $10  $20  N/A
Water Jug (5 gal)  $3  $6  N/A
Wet Suit (2 mm)  $10  $20  N/A
Maintenance and Repair

Outdoor Recreation offers ski, snowboarding and bicycle tuning, if you have any questions or want to drop off your equipment for a tuning please contact Outdoor Recreation.

Ski, Snowboarding & Bicycle Tuning Prices

  Ski Snowboard
Hot Wax $15 $15
P-Tex $15 Minimum $15 Minimum
Bevel and Sharpen Edges $25 $25
Binding Calibration $25 N/A
Binding Mount

Track System - $15

Flat Ski - $40

XC Ski - $20

Base & Side Wall Repair $25 Minimum $25 Minimum
Ski Sauna $25 $25

Belt Tuning Package

Includes - belt repair, edge sharpening, hot wax and buffering

$45 $45

Stone Grind Package

Includes - Stone Grind (patterned finish), base repair, edge sharpening, hot wax and buffering



Bike Tuning

Includes - Adjust front and rear breaks, adjust front and rear derailleur, true front and rear wheels, lube (chain, brake, derailleur pivots and cables) and check air in tires.

Outdoor Recreation Clubs

Membership in the Picatinny Rod and Gun Association is open to all DOD installation personnel (Military and Civilian), Picatinny retirees, Retired Military, 100% Disabled Veterans, Medal of Honor recipients, their immediate family members, and full time contractors. The Picatinny Rod and Gun Association Creed is "To create and encourage an awareness amongst the Picatinny community of the need for the wise use and proper management of the installations natural resources". Come join with us in the accomplishment of this goal. Sign-ups for memberships are handled by Leisure Travel Services in bldg. 34 South (Choices, post restaurant), phone number is +1 (973)724-4186. Annual memberships are $50. Family membership category is $60 annual fee including both spouses and any children under age 21 (age 23 for college students). Benefits: Membership includes 1st Monday of the month social meetings with food, free use of indoor archery range, free use of row boats located by Picatinny Lakes and ponds. Discounted use of log splitter, fishing tournaments, free boat registration, access to local skeet & trap range, wild game dinner, discount on instruction, special deals on fishing & hunting purchases in the Outdoor Recreation office located at Bldg, 3321 on Picatinny Arsenal, discounted fishing, hunting and boating classes or certifications.

Contact Outdoor Recreation to get involved with the Picatinny Paintball Club. Individual purchases or consolidated buys for paintball equipment and supplies is available through our Special Order program. Two woods-ball fields are 1.5 and 10 acres. It is optional to get trained as volunteer referees and range officers, but it gives you an option to get in some free games. The rental paintball markers use compressed air and our filling station is inside the operations and maintenance building. The program runs year round. Locally we network with other programs at West Point Military Academy and Joint Base McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst. Minimum number of customers to schedule an event is 10. With the operation outside the installation fence line it makes it simpler to invite guests. We can provide rental gear for over (40) players.

Outdoor Recreation offers a snow sport clubs at Picatinny Arsenal. The main focus of the club operated through the Outdoor Recreation programs is to offer membership benefits through discounted lift tickets from NJSSC, networking with other snow sport clubs for lodging cost savings, discounted group trip rates, 10% off ski and snowboard maintenance and repair service from Outdoor Recreation, information on XC skiing, Telemarking, biathlon, skijoring, and snowshoeing, networking with other Outdoor Recreation programs to save money to other destination snow sport resorts in the US and abroad, and savings on season or daily passes to local ski areas in NJ.

Local Ski Area Daily Rates

Midweek Weekends & Holidays
Mountain Creek, NJ 50% Off 25% Off (w/CAC)
Shawnee, PA
Camelback, PA $45 $57
Blue Mt, PA $15 off $10 off
West Point, NY $18 $23
Campgaw, NJ 20% Off 20% Off
High Point, NJ 50% Off 50% Off
Mt. Petter, NY 50% off Tuesdays

Picatinny Scuba Club is a program operated using PADI education on line, pool sessions on post, and open water check out dives at local quarries. With a fully equipped rental inventory and an option to get certified at all levels this program can save you money and time. The best way to follow scheduled activities is to sign up for our email club and get on the distribution list. Big discounts are available from our special order purchase program with a long list of companies to order from. Sign up for trips in the US, abroad, or at local shores, lakes, and rivers. We network with other Outdoor Recreation programs to keep the cost down on destination trips, and best of all we have no membership fees. Our contracted PADI instructor Ryan Wilson is certified to teach Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Enriched Air, Divemaster, and many Specialties. Our Divemaster Steve Devine offers scuba refreshers, and our scuba certified staff is ready to assist.

Outdoor Recreation offers an array of clubs including rafting, biking, climbing and hiking. Please contact ODR for more information.

Storage Lots

Store your RV, trailers, car or anything on wheels.  To store your vehicle please contact Leisure Travel Services at +1 (973)724-4014.


Customer Per Space
Military Active Duty $20
Military Retired $40
DA Civilian $40
DOD Contractor $40


Recreation Vehicle Storage Lot - Rental Agreement

Lake Denmark Picnic Area


Lake Denmark is available for parties of all occasions.

To reserve the picnic area, the cost is $100 and is required to secure your requested date. 

Reservations open up on 1 April for all Picatinny office groups. Reservations must be made in person by the POC of the group. Come to the "Take Off" Center, Bldg. 34, Monday -Friday from 730 am to 3:30pm. We also require a $50 credit card deposit to ensure you leave the picnic area clean and return your sports equipment in a timely manner.

Please contact Leisure Travel Services +1 (973)724-4014 or Outdoor Recreation +1 (973)724-4484 for more information.

Reservation Form

Alcohol PolicyLake Denmark

Request for Exception to Alcohol Policy