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Frog Falls Water Park


Frog Falls Water Park located at Picatinny Arsenal boasts over 520,000 gallons of water adventures. Our facility includes two high velocity slides, six 25-yard lap lanes, a zero-depth entry leisure pool, a lazy river and a child activity pool for our tiniest guests.

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Membership Info

Registration for Frog Falls takes place online through our website.  Please follow the directions below and please call MWR Customer Service at +1 (973)724-3697 for questions and more information!

Click to download the NCIC form! 


2024 Fees
Registration Fee** $10
Lost Badge Fee  $20
NCIC Refund Fee $50

**These fees are applied PER MEMBERSHIP, not per person.  




All pool passes are REQUIRED to be picked up in person.

Members will receive an email confirmation once they are ready for pick-up.

Pick-Up Location

Leisure Travel Guest Services at The Picatinny Visitor Center!

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm

1136 Parker Road

Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806


Membership Policy


A Family Member as defined by Army Regulation 215-1:
1. Spouse of a Sponsor.
2. Un-remarried widow or widower of a member or former member of a uniformed service.
3. Unmarried child of a sponsor, including an adopted child, stepchild, foster child, or ward, who either:    

       A. Has not passed his/her 21st birthday.    

       B. Is incapable of self-support because of a mental or physical incapacity that existed            before that birthday and is dependent on the sponsor for over one-half of his/her support.    

       C. Has not passed his/her 23rd birthday, is enrolled in a full-time course of study in an           institution of higher learning approved by a Secretary of an executive department          specified in 10 USC Section 1073, and is, in fact dependent on the sponsor for over one         half of his/her support.
4. A parent or parent-in-law of a sponsor who is, in fact, dependent on the sponsor for one-half of his/her support and living in the sponsor’s household.


1. For admission to the aquatic park, a pool identification card must be shown to the attendant in the admissions window at the main entrance.
2. There will be a $20 charge for lost badges during the summer months. Please bring your badge each time you visit Frog Falls as it will be scanned at the gate which allows us to track visits.
3. If an ID card is used by a person other than the member to whom it was issued, it will be confiscated and Members are subject to having their membership revoked without refund
4. If an ID card is obtained by fraudulent statement in the application, the membership will be canceled without refund.


By accepting and using your membership pass, you authorize Family & MWR to record and reproduce your image and/or performance for use in company promotional materials including but not limited to commercials, travel videos, brochures, flyers, etc. Additionally, you agree that FMWR maintains the right to distribute these materials to any outlet they see fit, and that they retain sole ownership of said materials and footage. 

Guest Policy


Guest privileges are reserved for Members only. 

Guest passes are limited to five (5) guests PER MEMBERSHIP Monday – Thursday only.
Guest passes are limited to four (4) guests PER MEMBERSHIP Friday – Sunday only.

Guests are $15 per person, per day. 

Punch cards are available at the front office. One punch card permits 5 total guest visits to the park. Punch cards for guests cannot be used on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Punch Cards are available for $60 ($75 Value).

Registration, ID Photos & NCIC


All registration for Frog Falls Memberships will take place online at Members will select their membership category and be routed directly to the Webtrac MWR Army portal to complete their registration and process their membership payment. All membership IDs will be printed and mailed to customers at the provided mailing address. For returning membership, Frog Falls will use existing photos on file for your membership ID. For new customers, instructions will be provided to submit photos of your family for your membership ID.


– Must be a color picture with full face and frontal view with white or off-white background

– Photo should capture from just above the top of the head to the bottom of the neck line

– Photo must be recent within the last 30 days – If you normally wear prescription glasses, wear them for the picture – if they are transition lenses, wait until they become transparent

– If you have a problem with glare from your glasses, tilt your head down slightly when you take the photo

– Head should be centered in the picture and eyes open and looking at the camera

– Please no hats, sunglasses, or items in the background of your photo

– Religious headwear is acceptable

– Preferred electronic photo format is .jpg. or .png

– IMPORTANT! Photo files must be labeled with member’s name!

A $10 registration fee per Family or Single Membership will be assessed at time of purchase.


All members over the age of 18 years old are required to complete and pass a NCIC III background investigation. Members will receive their MWR ID card via USPS standard mail within 30 days of membership purchase.
Members will then be required to visit the Picatinny Arsenal Visitor Control Center located at the Main Access Control Gate during business hours (M-F 7am-3pm) to complete their NCIC III background check. Members must present their MWR ID card at the time of the background check. Upon successful completion of the background check, an NCIC III approval will be printed on the back side of your MWR ID Card.

The MWR ID Card with approved NCIC III backing will be required to enter Picatinny Arsenal and to enter Frog Falls Water Park.

Completion of the background check can be done at any time once the MWR ID card is received. Failure to pass the background check will result in confiscation of the MWR I.D card and refund of membership fees, minus administrative fee of $50.

Weather Policy

Our top concern is the personal safety of all our families and guests in our park. We follow DoD policies on water safety, and operate the facility under the professional direction of a Certified Pool Operator.

Our Lightning Early Warning System enables us to receive data concerning weather conditions which is not accessible to the general public. The following protocol is in place for your safety, and will be announced over intercom throughout the operating day by our staff:


Everyone must exit the water and evacuate the water park. It is unsafe for patrons to be on deck and in the bathrooms.


Patrons must exit the water and we must wait to see the next 30 minute report.


The Park is safe for all patrons to swim and remain on deck.

Pool Equipment


We will continue to provide free-to-use life jackets for anyone in need. However, when returning them, they must be placed in the RETURN BIN instead of the window so they can be properly disinfected before being returned to the storage rack.
We will not provide kickboards this year. 

Lounge chairs and tables will be disinfected regularly.

 We will NOT BE PROVIDING toddler toys for the toddler pool area. However, patrons are welcome to bring their own water toys for toddlers to and from the park; please do not share. 


Lap Lanes will be available during normal operating hours. A maximum of two (2) people are permitted in each lap lane at a time. Swimmers are limited to 30-minute lap lane sessions. 

Refund Policy

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Failure to utilize membership during the season, complete your membership purchase, or provide background check data or photos does not constitute grounds for a refund. Members who are unsatisfied with their pool membership experience will not be offered a refund at any time regardless of circumstances.

Failure to adhere to Frog Falls Park Policies, Rules and Guidelines may result in expulsion from the Park and barring from the Picatinny Arsenal and/or Frog Falls. No refunds will be issued as a result.

Procedures, guidelines, polices and rules may change during the season, especially those specifically crafted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Facility policies to include capacity guidelines, guest access, pool seating, food services, lessons, feature access and hours of operation are subject to change without notice. Changes in these policies will not constitute grounds for refunds of membership fees.

Final determination of any unique qualifying events that may result in a full or partial refund are at the sole and absolute discretion of the Director of Family and MWR.

Health Policy


ENTRY Membership cards are required for entry into the park. All members must be scanned in. This is crucial to allow for accurate contact tracing should there be a case of COVID-19. Please remember to bring your card at each visit, as you will not be admitted into the park without it. No exceptions.

HEALTH CHECKS & SCREENING MEMBERS: Staff will be alert to any signs of COVID-19 illness at designated entry points including fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, runny nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Temperature checks of members are not required but may be requested by management at any time for any reason. Informational signage on COVID-19 symptoms will be posted at the pool entrances and throughout the pool complex. Anyone exhibiting symptoms will not be permitted into the pool, and will be asked to leave if symptoms become evident after park admittance. 

STAFF: Persons that have a fever of 100.4° and above, or other signs of COVID-19 illness will not be admitted into the facilities. Pool staff are trained to be on alert for signs of illness and to stay at home when sick. 


Face coverings may be required when visiting indoor areas at Frog Falls. We are not currently requiring face coverings on the pool deck at Frog Falls, but may be worn at the discretion of the individual. Due to danger of suffocation, cloth face coverings should not be placed on children age 2 & under. 

Face coverings WILL NOT be worn while in the water. Social Distancing is REQUIRED.

We recommend patrons maintain a minimum of 6 feet social distancing while in the water AND on pool deck and grass areas, unless the individual requires assistance swimming or navigating the park. This excludes swimmers sharing the same household or arriving in the same vehicle together. 

Our Social Distancing Ambassador will be on the pool deck at peak visitation times to help promote our safety practices.

RESTROOMS Practicing social distancing is required while utilizing the restroom facilities. Certain fixtures and stalls will be blocked to ensure 6ft. separation while using facilities. 
Restrooms will be disinfected regularly throughout the day. Foot coverings are required when in restroom and shower areas.
Hands should be washed frequently with soap and water. Hand sanitizer that is minimum 60% alcohol must be used if soap and water is not available. Do not touch your face (especially eyes, nose or mouth) with unwashed hands. Pool will have sanitizing stations available throughout the park. 


BY SIGNING UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP: I understand and EXPRESSLY AGREE that swimming in its various forms is an inherently hazardous sport that has many dangers and risks. I realize that injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence of this sport. As a condition of being permitted to use any and all of the facilities of the aquatics park, I FULLY RELEASE FROG FALLS AND AGREE TO EXPRESSLY ASSUME ALL RISKS of personal injury, death or loss or damage to any of my property. I release FROG FALLS from any and all claims related to (1) the inherent risks of the sport; (2) abrupt changes in weather conditions;(3) the use of man-made facilities and equipment necessary for the ordinary operation of the water park, such as water slides, pools entries, lap lanes, lazy river features, tubes, fencing, pool decking, sidewalks, walkways, bath facilities, water features, or any other object or piece of equipment utilized in connection with the maintenance of pools, buildings or other facilities used in connection with swimming. 

I EXPRESSLY AGREE, as a condition of being allowed to use the pool facility and premises, that I do freely accept and voluntarily assume ALL RISKS of personal injury or death or property damage, and FULLY RELEASE FROG FALLS to the greatest extent permitted by law FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY for personal injury, death or property damage arising out of or resulting from my participation in this sport; and/or from my use of the pool premises including the parking lots and related facilities.

As in any activity, there are inherent risks and injuries that may occur. I hereby release and discharge Non Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities, Picatinny Arsenal, and the US ARMY, its agents, employees, appointed officials, volunteers, commissions or associations from any and all actions for losses, damages, for personal injuries to myself, or members of my family membership which may occur or arise out of our participation in activities at Frog Falls Water Park.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, I agree to DEFEND, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Frog Falls from any and all claims, suits, costs and expenses including attorneys’ fees asserted against Frog Falls by me or third parties arising or allegedly arising out of or resulting from my conduct while utilizing Frog Falls’ facilities whether or not FROG FALLS’ NEGLIGENCE contributed thereto in whole or in part.

HEALTH DECLARATION Within the 14 days immediately preceding purchase of your membership, YOU HAVE NOT to the best of knowledge and belief, nor has any minor person in your care:

1) Tested positive with the SARS-CoV-2 virus or diagnosed with Covid-19;

2) Experienced any symptoms commonly associated with Covid-19 aka “coronavirus;” nor

3) Been in direct contact with or in the immediate vicinity of any person you knew and/or now know to be carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus or diagnosed with Covid-19.

Further, you agree THAT YOU WILL comply with and adhere to all COVID-19- related safety and risk mitigation practices during attendance and participation in activities and events at Frog Falls including but not limited to

1) maintain a six (6) foot distance from other patrons and employees not in your party at all times;

2) wear a properly fitted mask or otherwise cover face while in the Park;

3) Frequently wash hands or use hand sanitizer; and 4) comply with all other posted rules and regulations.

By purchasing a membership, you acknowledge and agree that your compliance (and that of any minor person in your care) with these safety and mitigation practices is not only for your own benefit but also for the benefit of other patrons and employees at Frog Falls. You understand that you may be denied entry to Frog Falls or be asked to leave the premises in the event of failure to follow the Covid-19 protocols, rules and regulations without refund of daily fees or Membership.

Park Rules / Terms & Conditions


1. Outside food and beverage is NOT PERMITTED in the park at any time. You are welcome to bring your own snacks and meals, but they must be consumed outside of the park gates in the designated picnic area. Food allergies will be accommodated at the manager’s discretion. Sippy cups and baby bottles are permitted, as are bottled water and reusable water bottles. Personal cooler bags brought into the park are limited to a small lunch/6-pack size to hold permitted items only. NO GLASS BOTTLES/JARS.

2. Frog Falls reserves the right to check bags/personal items of any guest at any time in the interest of the health & safety of our staff and guests. 

3. No swimmer is allowed in a water feature when a lifeguard is not present. Follow lifeguard and staff instructions at all times. Failure to comply with lifeguard instructions will result in loss of privileges.

4. Any guest under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian 18 years or older. 

5. All children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by a responsible adult 16 years or older. The adult must remain within arm’s reach of children under 5 and within sight of older children. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child. Do not allow your children to enter the water without a lifeguard present.

6. Water wings and floaties are not authorized for use at Frog Falls. We offer complimentary life-vest rentals at our main desk in toddler sizes through adult sizes. Life Vests must be Coast Guard approved and have a mark identifying it as such.

7. Toys are permitted only in the Tadpole Cove Pool. Please refrain from using toys with small pieces and toys that are breakable. Soaker balls, cars, and dolls are permitted in Tadpole Cove.

8. Frog Falls is a family-oriented facility; we require all bathing and non-bathing attire to be appropriate and in good taste regardless of age or gender.

9. Strollers & Wagons may be stored along the wall at the Croaker Soaker when not in use.

10. Rough play, dunking, running, intimate displays of affection, personal speakers without use of headphones, vulgar language and rude behavior is not permitted. If behavior is determined to pose a hazard to other patrons, the guest(s) in question will be referred to Picatinny Police, which could result in the loss of park privileges for extended periods of time or total revocation of membership. No refund will be offered should this occur.

11. Personal alcohol and controlled substances are not allowed in the park at any time. The park hosts a selection of light alcoholic beverages available for purchase. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who appears underage or over the limit. The Picatinny Police will address any patrons who appear to have passed their personal limit and/or risk endangering another patron.

12. Smoking or Vaping is allowed in designated areas outside of the gates only.

13. Lap lanes are for lap swimming only. Do not hang or sit on ropes.

14. There is no diving or headfirst entry of any type allowed at Frog Falls. Serious injury and/or death can occur from entering shallow water headfirst.

15. Swimmers must be 48 inches tall to ride the slides. There will be no exceptions to this policy. This is due to the manufacturers and the Red Cross recommendation that the slider must have 6 inches of clearance over the water level in the bottom of the pool. Hanging on or swimming under or in front of the slides is prohibited. Please exit the pool immediately after sliding down.

16. All children who wear diapers or pull-ups or who have problems controlling bowel movement or urination must also have a plastic swim diaper with snug-fitting elastic waist and leg bands. Children should be encouraged to use the restroom before entering the water. Immediately report any accidents to a lifeguard. Changing of diapers on the pool deck is prohibited. Do not wash out soiled diapers in bathing water. Changing will take place in the bath house only.

17. Do not enter the water if you are experiencing or recovering from diarrhea or have had any signs or symptoms of a gastrointestinal (stomach) disease in the past Seven (7) days. Any person showing evidence of any communicable skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharges, or any other communicable disease shall be denied admission to the pool area.

18. Frog Falls staff will perform water-testing procedures every 2 hours and keep an accurate logbook. Bacteria testing will be conducted once a week in accordance with regulations. Food Service Sanitation inspection will be performed in accordance to regulations.

19. No person who has a contagious respiratory disease, other communicable disease, disease discharge, or is otherwise ill is permitted to enter the water. Member may be required to obtain a doctor’s certificate of good health before admission. No person reported by a Doctor as having or being a carrier of an infectious disease is permitted to enter the water.

20. No pets are allowed at Frog Falls at any time. Please speak with the park manager if you require the aid of a certified service dog as defined under titles II and III of the ADA.

21. Picatinny Arsenal, FMWR and Frog Falls are not responsible for loss, theft or damage of personal property of members or guests.

22. No glass containers, no gum in the pool areas.

Lily Pad Cafe & Toad's General Store

Frog Falls will offer concessions at the Lily Pad Cafe & Toad's General Store. Patrons are advised to follow social distance markers in the queue areas. Patrons are permitted to eat at their pool chairs. No outside food is permitted in the park. Those wishing to consume their own food or snacks are permitted to use the designated picnic area outside the park entrance.

Birthday & Family Parties

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